Tuesday, January 30, 2007

What is a Minnesota Unique Well Number?

Much of the property and homes I sell are on acreage. These homes have special forms and disclosure requirements for their private sewer and water systems. The well disclosure form requires a seller to indicate what wells are on the property...sealed and unsealed....and to provide a map of where each is located.

As you can imagine, on a old farm property this might be a huge task as farmers were known to dig shallow wells as needed for irrigation.

However, I am often astounded that these forms are blank when I visit a home that was built during the last 20 years. The unique well number assigned at the time of well construction is easily located on the well or in a internet database from the MN Department of Health. With a few minutes of time invested, a seller (or seller's agent) can find this data so the new buyers have accurate information.

Why is this important and tracked in the state of Minnesota? Our 10,000 lakes, rivers and drinking water are so interconnected that it is imperative for the MN Department of Health to regulate the construction and proper sealing of known wells.

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