Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Taking "BUILDING" Blocks to a New Level--Real Estate used to send messages!

Did you realize that every building has it's own unique shape from above? Who would have thought that some of those shapes would resemble letters of the alphabet!

This is an amazing new way to look at real estate! The creators of must have stayed up many nights searching out aerial views of buildings to find a shape resembling each letter. When you view each letter or building a Google map indicates where the structure is located. Many are in the U.S., but some are located in other areas of the world.

Just type in the message and the program does the rest to create your message using the top views of the buildings. The site has a cool feature allowing you to email your friends' a unique greeting. A fun way for both kids and adults to get their message across. And with the Google map feature, they just might learn something.