Saturday, March 3, 2007

Is Moving Making YOU Crazy?--How to Lower the Stress

Change is difficult. Especially when the change is so big and personal as moving to a new home. While difficult, it is also an exciting time. Change opens doors and provides opportunities that staying put doesn’t allow. But when your children are leaving the only home they have ever known, no matter what positive spin you put on it, there is bound to be some stress. So how to you make a move without your entire family going crazy?

Educate Yourself—It is important for you to realize that when making a move there are some unknowns that will come into play. Sometimes things will seem out of your control as appraisers, inspectors and real estate agents enter your life and home. The sellers of your new home, the buyers of your home and your mortgage broker will make requests and decisions that will directly affect your life.

Understanding the process of purchasing a home and the steps to a smooth transaction will help considerably. A caring, experienced Realtor will lead you through the home buying/selling process while tying up the loose ends. Your Realtor can’t prevent all of the stress but a good agent can predict some of the common situations that arise. By explaining each possible scenario in a timely manner and providing options and alternatives, your Realtor will keep the process moving forward with minimal stress to you.

Prepare the Kids—If you have been in your home for even a few years, this may be the only home your children have ever known or can easily remember. As tough as the change is for you, it will be more difficult on them. It will take some time to adjust to the thought of coming “home” to a new house.

Be positive when announcing the move! Show excitement when talking about the new neighborhood and school. Don’t expect that to be mirrored in your children right away but stay upbeat. If possible, arrange a tour of the new school and visit to the neighborhood and home. If your children will be changing schools mid-year, find out the new teachers name and email address. (We are a very connected society now and all teachers have email!) Email the new teacher and ask that he/she email your child about fun things that are going on in the classroom.

Let the kids help pack their important belongings. Reassure them that all of their precious things will be safe until they are unpacked at the new house.

Email will work great for staying connected to old friends and neighbors too. Have a neighborhood going away party and take photos so your children remember their old friends. Have an address book available for everyone to write down his or her email as well as current mailing address.

Don’t Panic—Moving is a H-U-G-E change in anyone’s life. It ranks up there as one of the most stressful situations families face. Moving has caused the most levelheaded person to go a little crazy. Working with an experience Realtor in your corner can be quite calming. Just knowing that this is a professional who helps families buy and sell homes every day can relieve some stress. Realtors have been through this many times before and understand what a major change it is for your family. It is their job and goal for you to have a successful closing and move.

Be Flexible—Sometimes it may become hard to remember that there is another family on the other side of the transaction. Things will come up that weren’t foreseen by either party. Inspections reveal unknown concerns. Moving trucks arrive late. Appliances suddenly stop working.

We don’t live in a perfect world and things can, do and will change. To keep the process moving forward and stress to a minimum, you may be asked to be flexible. Remind yourself to take a step back and look at the big picture. By reviewing the entire problem with logic, not just emotion, a win-win outcome can be achieved for most situations.

Reward and Pamper Yourself—This is a tough process! When things start feeling totally out of control, it is ok to walk away for a few hours, literally. Take a walk with the kids to the playground. Go to a movie or out to dinner with friends. Order a pizza and sit outside on the deck visiting with neighbors. Head to the gym and relax in the whirlpool. After an hour or two, you will be ready to face that packing or project with renewed energy!

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