Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Yes, Virginia--There is a Milkman in Ham Lake Minnesota

If you need to reach me on a Tuesday morning, chances are you will find me working from my home office in Ham Lake, Minnesota. Sometime during the conversation, there will be an interruption when the milkman arrives. Invariably, when I am on the phone, the person on the other end will say, “You have a milkman? That delivers to your home? Really?”

As they can hear the transaction, “Hi Gary, We need 8 Fat Free and a box of Kempwiches. Here’s the crate and the check from last week.” They realize that
there is indeed a milkman delivering fresh dairy products to residents in the Ham Lake area.
Gary Churchsmith, owner of Countryside Home Delivery, has been delivering milk to our Ham Lake home since we first moved in a decade ago. We were so disappointed to leave North St. Paul where there still was a dairy where we could pick up fresh milk every week. When we discovered home dairy and milk delivery we were hooked. We were so tired of picking up bad milk that was not properly refrigerated or rotated at the grocery store.

No clanking bottles of yesteryear. This milkman brings our favorite Kemps Select milk in the paper cartons. My family hates the taste of the milk in the plastic jugs. He also delivers a selection of frozen foods…our family favorite is the 93% fat free hamburger patties.

In the summer. we love that Countryside stocks ice cream products on the truck. Do you know what ice cream sandwiches and popsicles look like after a 20 minute drive home from the store in 90+ heat? Sadly, we do…It’s not a pretty sight. Having ice cream delivered is an awesome extra in my family’s book.

Not in Ham Lake? Give Gary a call…His phone number is on the truck. Countryside’s route is all over Anoka County on different days of the week. If Gary doesn’t come to your neighborhood, chances are that he knows the driver that does. Or check directly with
Kemps to see if there is milkman in your area of the Twin Cities. There is nothing better than a refrigerator stocked with fresh milk!

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