Thursday, December 6, 2007

Raking in Winter? Yeah, You Betcha!

Winter has come early this year. It looks like we will have a traditional white Christmas...or more accurately, a white December this year. Here we are not even a week into the month and Twin Citians are looking at record snow totals.

The snow has accumulated out of the inch range and into the foot range in Forest Lake and Ham Lake. As a home owner in Anoka County, where the snow has started to pile up, it was time to take action. To avoid the headaches that come with the snow melting off of the roof and refreezing at the eaves, here is a quick reminder.

Avoid ice dams, rake that roof! Yep, pull that funny looking backwards shovel with the extension pole out of the garage and carefully pull off the snow.
So how does it work? Carefully raise the rake over the edge of the roof as far back as the rake will reach and pull down the snow. Be certain to wear a hat, boots and gloves as there is a good chance that snow WILL land on you!

Don’t have a roof rake? This is the year to make the $20-30 investment. Ice dams will form early when the roof is not properly insulated. We take precautions along the edge of our additions as icicles have formed their most quickly in the past. Icicles, while pretty, are a clear sign of ice dam formation.

Not a do-it-yourselfer? Or, do you have a two story home where the rake won’t reach? Call in a professional to remove the snow. Ignoring the problem and repairing a roof or interior ceiling due to ice and water damage could cost thousands!

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