Saturday, January 26, 2008

Thinking Outside the Box to get your Home SOLD!

You’ve seen the statistics! You know that the real estate market is down across the nation. Sellers in the 2008 spring market will be fighting to be noticed in a sea of foreclosed homes, builder’s models and investor’s flips. So what can you do to make your home stand out and get noticed? What little trick might give you an edge? Maybe it is time to think outside the box!

THINK Feng Shui

Using the ancient Chinese discipline of Feng Shui to create balance and a flow of energy throughout the home may get it sold more quickly. Before dismissing this concept as a bunch of malarkey, look closer. Removing clutter is one of the key ways to get your home sold and a cornerstone of Feng Shui. The flow of energy or Chi through the home determines how the buyer feels when they step inside the home. A home with a balanced Chi will invite the buyer to linger longer in the home. As a Realtor, I know showing homes there are some properties that “just feel right” from the moment you step over the threshold. Buyers literally languish in certain homes absorbing the atmosphere.

Improving your home’s energy using Feng Shui might be as simple as setting intentions. Write down your selling mission and place in an affirmation box. Or, take that first ad or the MLS listing sheet and write SOLD across it. Place this where you will see it everyday like your wallet or your car’s dashboard and reaffirm that your home will be sold.

Delve deeper into Feng Shui and discover if the five elements are out of sync for your property. Fire, earth, water, metal and wood should be represented in colors or objects and balanced to keep the positive energy flowing.

If your home’s Chi is really out of whack, consider an online Feng Shui consultation with an expert.
Carole Provenzale, owner of Feng Shui Long Island, could be just the ticket to getting the energy balanced and your home sold in this changed real estate market.

THINK St. Joseph

St. Theresa way back in the 1500’s started something big when she needed to find additional land to build convents. She buried a trinket and prayed to a saint. Not just any trinket or saint, she prayed to St. Joseph, saint of the home, and encouraged other nuns to join her with prayers. They buried St. Joseph medallions back then, but now a statue is in vogue. Kits are available with a small statue of the saint and directions on how to properly bury the figure in your front or back yard.

THINK Expert Real Estate Assistance

While I have no statistics on whether ancient Chinese or Catholic beliefs help to sell homes, I do know that receiving expert advice on pricing and preparing your home for sale are the tried and true ways to success. Online sites like
Zillow are a great way to get started with a ballpark idea of your home’s value. But this is not the market to play around with rough guesses and selling by owner. You NEED expert advice; A Realtor® who shows homes and writes offers in your neighborhood on a daily basis to provide you with an accurate marketing analysis for your home. Your real estate agent can give advice on getting you home ready to sell including everything from basic staging to expert Feng Shui. And most importantly, they can get your home price right in this changing real estate market so that your home is one of those SOLD this spring!

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