Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Wildlife in Ham Lake—Is a Possum Possible this far North? You betcha!

They say you cannot pick your neighbors but this one picked us. A few weeks ago as our family returned and stomped into our Ham Lake house in our usually way, my youngest son noticed a ball of fur sneaking out from under our cedar steps. The animal cautiously moved along the cement block of our basement wall; away from the noise of the groceries being brought in. We had an opossum living under our porch!

Living on acreage in Anoka County, we have seen our share of wildlife. We see deer almost nightly and have had raccoons in the trash. An assortment of squirrels, black, red, white and gray, play in the trees. Though we rarely spot them, we are aware that an occasional skunk will wander through the property. Our sandy soil is perfect for painted turtles come up from Coon Lake and lay eggs in the grass. There was the spring a few years back when the neighbor came over to let us know that a bear had been on their deck. And last fall we had a turkey knocking on the window to get in!

My experience with opossums was limited to Disney’s,
A Goofy Movie, when Goofy and Max visited Lester’s Possum Park while on vacation. This guy didn’t have little x’s for eyes but did have the long ratlike tail! I had to read about them in the Opossum Wiki to see if it was some kind of threat or if it would swing from it’s tail and drop down on me. (It won’t thank goodness!)

The opossum hid himself under our front porch before I could get my camera out that day but this past weekend he was out in the yard again. I ran and got my camera. It took about fifteen minutes before I found him “playing possum” behind one of our giant oaks.

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