Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Minnesota Fire Restrictions Blew In with the Wind!

Yesterday, spring blew into Anoka County quite literally. As I noticed the flags flying and trees bending, I also noted how dry last year’s grass is. This is normal every occurrence in Minnesota. Dry grass is a huge fire hazard until spring rains green up lawns. Take time to notice the Smokey Bear signs by the Carlos Avery Nature Preserve in Columbus and Linwood. The Minnesota DNR has replaced the winter “Drive Safely” sign to either a green, blue, yellow, orange and red fire danger warning signs too! Yesterday I noted the blue “moderate” fire danger warning as I drove down Broadway from Forest Lake. Grass fire season is here and 2008 has the potential to be very active. We are still in a bit of a drought.

With the brisk spring breezes here, spring burning restrictions are in effect in various counties throughout the state of Minnesota. The restrictions went into effect on April 14th and include Anoka County. After a very long winter with lower than average snow, they are necessary. CLICK HERE for DNR 4/14/08 press release.

Living near Carlos Avery Wildlife Management area, I won’t soon forget how quickly a small fire that was improperly extinguished turned into a major fire that burned for days and destroyed several homes in Linwood. The smoke in the air and blazing orange nighttime skyline is burned into the minds of many Anoka and Chisago County residents.

Fires start most often in this windy weather from sparks from trains, careless smokers and backyard fire pits. Be cautious and as Smokey says, “Only YOU can Prevent Forest Fires.” Acreage homes often butt up against the forests and wetlands. It is very important to be careful and aware of the fire danger in your community and your own back yard to protect your property.

Fire Facts from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources:

  • April and May are months when local, state and federal agencies respond to the highest number of wildfires.

  • Approximately 80 percent of all wildfires in Minnesota occur during this period.

  • The burning of yard debris is a major cause of wildfires in Minnesota.

Open burning will be restricted in April and May, but even after the restrictions are removed remember to be vigilant when having that backyard bonfire.

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