Tuesday, February 24, 2009

More Bars in Ham Lake is a Good Thing—Cell Phone Bars that is!

A late holiday present arrived to those living in Ham Lake, Linwood and Columbus near Carlos Avery. It appears a new cell phone tower is being constructed just to the north of the intersection of Crosstown and Broadway. We noticed the amazingly huge pole being raised a few days after Christmas. My teenagers, with their new internet accessible phones thought that maybe it was a mirage. After pinching each other to make certain they weren’t dreaming, they cheered that our area of Ham Lake was finally going to be connected with the rest of the world!

Now to some in this rural area, this is an eyesore not a Godsend. But as a REALTOR who drives down Lexington (County 17) and Broadway (County 18) daily and has to use a mobile phone as part of my business, I know that the bars are few and far between. If you are lucky to have a connection, the conversation almost always breaks down to gibberish while traveling this stretch of road…And if you live anywhere in the vicinity of Coon Lake and Carlos Avery, you are often walking around your acreage to find that perfect spot where a signal will come through to make a call. Heaven forbid if you are one of those people, like me, that pace when conversing! Calls are dropped all of the time. So as nearby residents, my family has been watching the progress of the tower and patiently wait until the panels go live…Hopefully it is soon. The spot in my yard where my Blackberry comes in is not sheltered from the elements. And there are still a few weeks of winter cold ahead…and spring rain…etc.

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