Saturday, March 28, 2009

Signs of Spring--Ice Out is Getting Close on Forest Lake in Minnesota

Spring has sprung according to the calendar but in Minnesota we all wait for the ice out on the lakes as a true sign of that the season of growth is upon us. As you can see in this photo essay of shots of Forest Lake, there is still some work for the sun to do.

About a week ago, an early ice out was anticipated. We experienced several days with unseasonable 60 and 70 degree temperatures. The snow melted quickly but it takes longer for three to four feet sheets of ice to drop to the bottom of the lake.

This past week the slightly below average temperatures have slowed the progress. So while the few feet of open water laps the shore, the giant ice sheet prevents use of these Minnesota treasures. We are left waiting for more signs of spring to come to Forest Lake.

As I drove along North Shore Trail to the north side of the lake to take these shots, I passed several homes for sale. Lake homes don't sell well until the shoreline is visible.

Soon the buyers will be excited by the beauty of the lake and their will be more sold signs than for sale signs on Forest Lake lakeshore homes. That will be a real sign of spring!

Copyright 2009 Teri Eckholm