Sunday, August 30, 2009

Almost Speechless Sunday--Found the 3 Bears But Where's Goldilocks?

Anyone that knows and loves White Bear Lake, Minnesota knows that you cannot be a long time resident of the city without at least considering buying a statue of a white bear. (Note these are NOT statues of Polar Bears...They are WHITE Bears as Polars live in North St. Paul!) It seems that almost every other house in White Bear Lake has a cement statue or some sort of tribute to the city and high school mascot!

Heck even the Chevy dealer has had a giant statue above its cars for decades (but that is a Polar...Remember it is Polar Chev!)

Sometimes you need to do a double (or triple) take when you drive through the area at the number of statues gracing the front lawns and hiding in the landscape of this north metro community!

Copyright 2009 Teri Eckholm