Sunday, September 20, 2009

Shoveling in September in Anoka County MN? It’s NUTS!

Literally! Nuts…Acorns to be specific. It’s a banner year for the oak trees in our yard! Unfortunately several of the branches that provide shade on our Ham Lake driveway in the summer, drop hundreds…no thousands of acorns onto our driveway. We thought that collecting them and bringing bushels of our red and bir acorns to the DNR was a novel idea, but a 3 hour drive to Bemidji for a possible $40 a bushel is not going to happen.

So we elected to shovel the nuts after they ping like hail stones onto our vehicles. We have blown them off the driveway in the past but it doesn’t get all the acorn-butter bits that our tires have ground in during the week. Believe me, shoveling is easier than sweeping. After they are dumped onto the edge of our property, the squirrel and white-tailed deer get a one-stop smorgasbord as usually we have a few crabapples in the mix.

What fun it is to live on
Minnesota acreage!

Copyright 2009 Teri Eckholm