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Ham Lake, MN Real Estate Market Statistics for 3rd Quarter 2009

It will probably not come as a surprise that the unique Ham Lake name wasn't the first choice by the settler's to the area. After all, not many towns would chose to be named after a cut of pork (but the lake really does look like a ham hock from an aerial view). Incorporated in 1974, Ham Lake became a city after over a hundred years of humble but steady growth. The area was first settled in 1855 by a group of Scottish men on the southwest side of Ham Lake. The original name of the community was Glen Carey, which is the Scottish translation of "beautiful valley". Following a prairie fire in 1857, the first settlers moved but the community was resettled again. The new Scandinavian settlers had a hard time with the pronunciation of Glen Carey and soon the fledging community was known as Ham Lake...most probably because the lake in the area has a unique "ham-hock" shape. Anoka County officially was recognized Ham Lake as a township in 1871. In the early 1900's Central Avenue (Highway 65) was a slow commute as it was a wagon trail through the sand and swampland. And we think going through stop light after stop light slows traffic. Though it was graveled and paved at some point, it 1954 before was expanded to four lanes.
There are still four lanes on Highway 65 but traffic is traveling at a brisk 65 mph round the clock now as more people commute to the north. There are many people who look to the Ham Lake area for acreage, executive, luxury and lakeshore homes. However, lately the real estate market has been quite sluggish throughout Anoka County. Ham Lake, MN is seeing homes sell in 2009. There are bright spots across the board with homes selling in all price categories under $400,000, but the bulk of sales is found in the under $300,000 price categories.
New construction sales are not just stagnant; they have completely stopped with only one builder owned new construction home sold since the first of the year. The average Cumulative Days-on-Market (CDOM) is bouncing around in this Anoka County town…down a bit from first quarter in Ham Lake at 202 days, to 158 in the 2nd quarter and back up to 175 for the 3rd quarter.
Inventory is down in Ham Lake from the levels seen in 2008. There are currently 122 homes listed as active on the Twin Cities MLS but a good portion of those homes are in high price categories that are not seeing much activity. Homes over $500K continue to linger on the market for month after month. Homeowners considering selling a home in the Ham Lake area must consider the average time to sell a home in the Twin Cities north metro is approximately 6-8 months but high priced homes are selling in 2-3 years! Right now average inventory levels indicate there is about 15-16 months of inventory in Ham Lake. Having a good price strategy for your home and being prepared for showings will be essential if planning to sell a home in this Anoka County community in 2009.
3rd Quarter 2009 Ham Lake residential real estate statistics for single family homes:
Under $200,000~ 25 Active Listings, 6 Pending Listings, 10 Sold Listings, CDOM 202 (All existing homes)
$200,000-300,000~ 33 Active Listings, 2 Pending Listings, 10 Sold Listings, CDOM 120 (New Construction Subgroup ~ 2 Active, 0 Pending, 0 Sold)
$300,000-400,000~ 36 Active Listings, 5 Pending Listings, 3 Sold Listings, CDOM 295 (New Construction Subgroup ~ 8 Active, 1 Pending, 0 Sold)
$400,000-$500,000~ 9 Active Listings, 1 Pending Listings, 1 Sold Listings, CDOM 130 (New Construction Subgroup ~ 2 Active, 0 Pending, 0 Sold)
$500,000 and Up~ 19 Active Listings, 1 Pending Listings, 0 Sold Listings, (New Construction Subgroup ~ 2 Active, 0 Pending, 0 Sold)
Lakeshore available in the City of Ham Lake
6 Active Listings
Ham Lake lakeshore price range: $185,000-$950,000
7 Homes on Coon Lake
1 Home on Lake Netta
1 Home on Ham Lake
2 Homes on Little Coon Lake

**All Statistical information based on information from the REGIONAL MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE of MINNESOTA, INC. for the period of 7/1/09 through 9/30/09.

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