Sunday, February 21, 2010

Speechless Sunday (Almost)--Serious Icicles!

I took this photo this week of a home in North St. Paul, Minnesota. Sadly, it wasn't the only home in the area with serious ice dams and scary icicles. It seemed every other home was decorated with these seasonal visitors. While pretty in some respects, they are dangerous....and not just to someone walking underneath either.
As a REALTOR® in the Twin Cities north metro, I have often see the damage that ice dams and icicles cause to homes. Icicles are often indicators of a serious threat to the roof and interior of your home. They are often the byproduct of ice dams that weaken your roof and can cause water damage inside your home. So if you have icicles decorating the eaves of your home, don't ignore them. Call a roofer and have them evaluated and removed as soon as possible.

Copyright 2010 Teri Eckholm