Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Lendt’s Pumpkin Patch—A Not-to-be-Missed Tradition in Wyoming, MN

Fond autumn memories--Holding tightly to my kindergartener’s hand as we stepped off the schoolbus into the Lendt Pumpkin Patch! We walked hand in hand to the tractor for our ride into the field to pick out the perfect orange beauty to carve into a jack-o-lantern for our front porch step. With dozens of other excited children and their parents or grandparents by their sides, we sat on our hay bales for the bumpy ride across the well worn track. A few minutes later tractor pauses and everyone scrambles out to find their idea of perfection. Large or small, every pumpkin was a beauty in the eye of the pumpkin picker! Within minutes, everyone had a golden prize and boasts were heard among the kids as to which pumpkin was more perfect. Wonderful memories were made that day! A couple of years ago, I drove through Wyoming on the way to visit the home of a listed client. The pumpkin patch field abuts an acreage development where I have worked with several buyers and sellers over the years.

It too was a bright sunny October afternoon. As I passed
Lendt’s, I had to stop and snap a few pictures of the beautiful orange fruit peeking out from the greenery along Highway 22. They still are some of my favorite fall photos…so I had to share them again. Every time I see them I am transported back in my memories to that first visit with the tractor full of excited children and their treasured pumpkins. A fall visit to this Wyoming Minnesota pumpkin patch is a wonderful family tradition! And when you can pick your own for only $3 bucks, it is still very affordable too!

Copyright 2010 Teri Eckholm