Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wordless Wednesday (Almost)--lolCat Ready for Winter! Are YOU?

Bundled up in his winter hat, our indoor cat is ready for the elements! This year there was snow on the ground in December and now our winter blast of subzero temps may make it's first appearance this week. (BTW this is WAY to early in my book!)
As Minnesotan's we need to be prepared for this weather with our winter survival kits in the car (in case we slide off the road) and extra supplies in the kitchen cabinets (in case we are snowed-in for few days). As a REALTOR in Minnesota, I know that I have been out in blizzards during past seasons either showing houses or writing up offers. We don't let the snow and cold weather stop us...but we are prepared.
So are you as ready for this early winter season as our "happy" cat?

Copyright 2010 Teri Eckholm