Wednesday, January 19, 2011

REALTOR Operating on Cruise Control? Not in a Minnesota Winter!

Okay, I’ll admit, this Minnesota girl found out just recently a year or so ago that cruise control was a no-no when the snow is flying. It is surprising even to me that I didn’t know this as I learned to drive in the winter but the cars I learned on didn’t have the cruise option. Now I do have it and I just never gave a thought to how dangerous it would be to hit ice with the cruise on….until it happened to me. No accident, thankfully…just a wake-up call. I know better now and when I am white-knuckle driving in snowy weather, I manually adjust the speed while I keep focused on driving.

I wonder how many REALTORS® felt a bit like they hit ice when the housing market took a nose-dive a few years ago? Bet they were cruising along doing the same-old, same-old when it came to their listings: Put in the MLS with a few good pictures and stick a sign in the yard and wait for the buyers to arrive. Operating on cruise worked pretty well when buyers were plentiful. Unfortunately, I realize some agents still are on auto-pilot and when a listing crashes and burns; it is the homeowner that pays the price.
But like driving in a Minnesota blizzard, a good REALTOR® will shut off the cruise control and create a unique plan to aggressively market your home in this changed real estate landscape. Here are just a few of the things I have changed during the last few years when I shut of my cruise control to get my clients listings SOLD.

Blogging about the Home—Writing up a blog with features to excite potential buyers about the property. It also helps internet searchers find information on the home by the address.
Virtual Tours—People love to view the interior and exterior of homes on a virtual tour of the home…even if it is just a slideshow of photos.
Dozens of interior and exterior photos—It takes time in this market for homes to sell. Photos should be reshot when the seasons change.
Staging Recommendations—A good agent is going to want you to put your home in it’s best light before the first potential buyer walks through the door.
Pricing Advice—Traditional sellers need to understand how their home will compete against area foreclosures and lender-mediated homes. Finding the right listing price is essential to getting a sold sign on the door.

I create a unique marketing plan for each of my listings taking into account its location, price and unique features. If you are thinking of listing your Anoka or Washington County home and want an agent that is not on auto-pilot, give me a call.

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