Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Top 10 Reasons People L♥VE to Call SHOREVIEW, Minnesota HOME!

Shoreview, Minnesota attracts attention for many other reasons besides the twin, sky-scraping, radio transmission towers reaching high 1400+ miles into the air. Though not officially incorporated until 1957, Shoreview has a rich history. A good portion of what is now known as Shoreview was once inhabited by Dakota and Ojibwe Native America tribes. It was ceded to the US Government from the Ojibwe in 1837 and soon became known as a farming community. The Soo line of the railroad expanded into Shoreview in the late 1800’s and soon New Englanders and other European settlers came to farm the land. The iconic radio towers weren’t built until much later in 1963 but those three towers on 694 are still the tallest structures in the state of Minnesota. According to the 2000 census, nearly 26,000 people called Shoreview home. No doubt this decade’s survey will only add to the number of residents in this vibrant community.

Here is a top ten list of reasons why Shoreview Minnesota is such a great place to live.

#10—Turtleman Triathlon. Shoreview is home to Minnesota’s oldest triathlon, the Turtleman Triathlon which is run every August starting at Turtle Lake park. Hundreds of athletes take to the streets and shores of Shoreview for this annual summer event.

#9—Free Music and Movies! Concert in the Commons has been an annual tradition from June thru August. In 2010, free movies were added to the mix of family-friendly activities being shown at the Shoreview Commons Pavilion on Friday evenings in August. Bring popcorn or a picnic and have fun.

#8—Einhausen Sister City. For nearly a decade, the City of Shoreview has had a unique relationship with Einhausen, Germany as its sister city. As sister cities, Shoreview and Einhausen are partnered to promote a cultural understanding between the United States and Germany by creating opportunities for residents in the two communities to form personal relationships.

#7—Awesome Schools. Although Shoreview does not have it’s own secondary schools it is served by two highly rated school districts: Roseville School District 623 and Mounds View School District 621. It also has three community based public elementary schools within its borders:

#6—Lakes & Parks. Shoreview has several of Minnesota’s 10,000 lakes within its borders. The largest and most notable are Island Lake, Lake Owasso, Snail Lake and Turtle Lake but there are also several smaller named lakes in Shoreview including: Grass Lake, Emily Lake, Lake Judy, Lake Wabasso, and Martha Lake as well as Rice Creek to enjoy the view of one of Minnesota’s greatest resources. And as for parks, there are too many great ones to mention…just check out this link to some of the best! Shoreview Parks  Playgrounds

#5—Bicycle Friendly Community! According to Shoreview’s community website, it is only one of three communities in Minnesota to have earned a “Bicycle Friendly Community” award. The Twin Cities Bicycle Club has notes several rides on it’s schedule on Shoreview’s trails all summer long!

#4—The Tropics! Where do you go for a little splashing fun when the Minnesota lakes are frozen? Why the Tropics of course! The Tropics Waterpark is an indoor oasis located in the Shoreview Community Center for kids of all ages to enjoy some water fun whether it is too hot & humid or cold & blustery. Since it opened, it has been a popular birthday party venue for residents in the north metro. But most people don’t want to wait for a party, everyday is a party at the affordable Tropics Waterpark.

#3— Enjoy a Slice! The Slice of Shoreview is an annual summer event with something for everyone. This community extravaganza held every July includes fun activities that have included a petting zoo, parade, car show, art fair, talent show and carnival. It is as fun as a county fair and an event the entire family can enjoy!

#2—Eclectic Options for Living. Whether you want the convenience of a low-maintenance townhome or condo, a home with a lakeshore view, a 1950’s rambler or bungalow, or a recently constructed, modified two story, you can find an affordable option to rent or purchase in Shoreview.

#1—Friendly People. The number one reason for living in Shoreview is the welcoming community atmosphere. Isn’t that what most people search for in a place to call home?

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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Danger Lurking on Minnesota Acreage

Spring has finally sprung in Minnesota! We are all itching to get out and enjoy the beauty of our area but if you don't want to be literally "itching" heed the warning of dangers in the underbrush on Minnesota acreage.
Anoka, Washington and Chisago Counties in Minnesota boast some of the most beautiful, desirable acreage properties in the state. As a REALTOR® in the Ham Lake, Forest Lake and Lino Lakes area, I have to walk acres with my clients to assess the land. I walk the perimeter of wetland and hobby farm acreage properties with potential sellers to understand the property lines. Likewise, I walk thPoison Ivy plant found on Minnesota Acreagerough backyards and wooded underbrush with buyers. Whenever showing homes on Minnesota acreage, I am prepared. There are dangers lurking in the underbrush.
Poison Ivy-- It is important to be extremely very aware of these poisonous plants as they are all over in Minnesota yards and wooded areas. Many property owners don't even realize the plants are poison ivy. Poison ivy is found all over the US while a close relative poison oak is found most often in the west. The plants to have
a similar look and exposure to either of these plants will cause a similar, painfully itchy reaction.
Poison Ivy in will be rampant in the Summer
  • Classic poison ivy is grown to full "itchy" potential in the early summer.
  • Some leaves are notched.
  • Some leaves are not.
  • New leaves are shiny and still somewhat reddish.
  • Older leaves are duller.
  • Be careful not to accidentally burn poison ivy as you can have an allergic reaction to breathing in smoke too!
Poison ivy can be a ground cover, a vine or a bush. One small neglected patch can spread very quickly to a huge area. Exposure to this plant is an itchy nightmare that can last for several weeks unless treated with
prescription medicines, usually steroids. These plants can leave oil on clothing which can spread in the laundry. Be aware of this hazard when walking in any wooded area that you are unfamiliar with.

Wood ticks found on Minnesota AcreageWood Ticks/Deer Ticks--While the woods are often a haven for white-tailed deer, the beauty of these
animals is overshadowed by a frightening reality. Deer ticks are carriers of Lyme disease; a painful disease that can be quite debilitating if untreated. Deer ticks (or Black-legged ticks) are rarely found in maintained yards and are very tiny and often not noticed even after having bitten a host. The best defense is prevention of a deer
tick bite.
  • Dress Appropriately When walking acreage with underbrush or on property that has not been maintained, wear long sleeves and tuck in pant legs.
  • Use Bug Spray Effective repellents include DEET and Permanone. Spray clothing with Permanone repellent prior to wearing as it is not to be sprayed directly on the skin. DEET can be used on clothing and/or skin.Mosquito found on Minnesota acreage and wetlands
Mosquitos--And don't forget that mosquitoes that are found in the wetland acreage. Mosquito bites are for the most part just annoyingly itchy in the spring. But in the fall, there is more of a risk of West Nile and encephalitis. This disease can be extremely serious and occasionally deadly, so mosquito spray is an essential when veiwing homes located near ponds, lakes and wetlands.

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