Monday, October 31, 2011

It's No Trick--Here's a Halloween Real Estate Treat!

Real estate closings can be fun this time of year and not just because there is a big bowl of candy on the closing table. In Minnesota, when a home is sold by a traditional seller to a new home buyer, all parties sit down in the same room during closings as all the paperwork is done at the same time. After all the signing is done, the closers leave the room to make copies of the documents and to prepare the checks from the final settlement. During this time, sellers often pass over the keys and explain some idiosyncrasies of the home, Often these expected concerns like how to change the code for the electronic door opener or where the water shut off is located. Buyers will question what day the trash is picked up and what the schools are like.

But just before Halloween, the questions and necessary information traded between the seller and the new homeowner become a little more festive. New homeowners from neighborhoods big and small often want to know how many kids are in the neighborhood and consequently, how many bags of candy will be needed. One time an Anoka County seller in a very small neighborhood noted that the 6 year old next store had already come over and let it be known that she prefers Reese's Pieces. Since the little girl was missing a front tooth, the seller made sure to add the necessary lisp for effect. It is good to share a light-hearted moment after all the stress of buying/selling is complete!

Have a festive, fun and safe HALLOWEEN!