Monday, February 13, 2012

The Real Estate Market is Changing—HOMES SOLD in DAYS in Minneapolis/St. Paul!

Homes sold in Days in Mpls/St Paul

All this past week, KSTP, one of our local television stations promoted a feature on how to get your home sold quickly. They looked at homes that sold in “days” across the Minneapolis/St Paul area and the segment promised to give sellers “tips” on get to get their home sold quickly. As a REALTOR®, I knew I wanted to see this feature.

The segment ran Sunday evening but was a bit disappointing. There was some good information and tips, yes, but they only looked at THREE houses. Not enough of a sample to show a ground-breaking trend. Each of the three agents of the sold homes offered a few reasons as to why the homes didn’t languish on the market as many others have, but there were no specific trends…all the reasons given were different.

It seem to me that the basic reason all the homes that sold quickly, is they were starter homes in lower price points for the neighborhoods they were located in. Each home was properly prepared for sale and made available for showings. The homes were all offered by traditional sellers; not foreclosures or short sales requiring mediation from a bank. The homeowners painted, repaired, inspected and staged their homes. At the end of the piece, the anchor did acknowledge that the sellers PRICED their home properly. Bottom line, that is the essential KEY to seeing a SOLD sign hung quickly!.

So what if, anything, did potential Twin Cities home sellers learn from this hyped-up, “homes-are-selling-in-just-days” feature? Not enough in my book, but the reporter made a good effort in this 2+ minute feature. And I have to give kudos to them for starting the conversation. HOMES are SELLING in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area and can sell in days!

As a REALTOR® who had helped several traditional sellers in the north and east Twin Cities metro find homebuyers in a matter of days recently, I wanted to offer a few more ideas and tips:

  • PRICE the Home Properly—An overpriced home will not sell, plain and simple.
  • REPAIR Everything!—Buyers inflate the cost of repairs by thousands if they are left to make them.
  • PAINT—Neutral colors are always preferred.
  • DECLUTTER—People cannot see the home if there is too much junk.
  • CLEAN Carpets—Replace if necessary.
  • MARKET the Home—Find a REALTOR® that has a plan to sell your home not just list on the MLS!
These are just a few quick ideas but I do have more specifics on how to get a home sold in the Minneapolis/St Paul north and east metro area as quickly as possible. For the details, feel free to call me to learn more.

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