Saturday, February 4, 2012

Selling a GEM in a pack of Diamonds in the Rough—PRICE isn’t the ONLY way to Sell an Anoka County Home!

Selling an Anoka County Home

You have a beautiful Anoka County home you need to sell. It is not a short sale but you know you will be competing with them, as lender mediated and bank owned properties are scattered from Blaine to East Bethel and back again. Selling an Anoka County Home shouldn't be difficult but it can seem like very real estate website you visit, the agent is a short sale expert. But you want a REALTOR® that can market your home to stand out from the pack because YOUR home is not a diamond in the rough…It is a shimmering gem that should attract buyers who are buying the dream, not the price.

Such is the dilemma of the traditional seller in today’s market; How do you find a REALTOR® to make your home stand out from the pack?

That’s my job.

See when my colleagues were learning about selling homes short and negotiating with banks, I took the classes too. But also realized the regular guy, who didn’t have a hardship that will qualify him to sell at a discounted rate or didn’t need to jeopardize his stellar credit score, might NEED to move. Relocation; Marriage; New Baby; Retirement and other life changing events bring traditional sellers into the real estate market. These sellers need to move but in order for the home to sell it needs MARKETING.

When I was in college studying for my business administration degree in marketing, the 4 P’s of the marketing mix were drilled into my head: Product, Price, Promotion, and Place. These aspects work together as a part of a successful marketing plan. However many short sale and foreclosure focused agents have started to care only about PRICE. Their PRODUCT is distressed and frankly, PLACE is location so there is little that can be changed about that for any part of the real estate sale. So in order for the traditional seller’s home listing to stand out and get sold, you must find an agent who can focus on PROMOTION.
That’s where I come in…I have been in sales and marketing for nearly 30 years and successfully selling homes for over a decade. In this changed real estate market, I continue to get homes sold for traditional sellers and help them move on to their next stage in life. Sure we still need to PRICE the home correctly, but I do not ignore the marketing dimension.

And you don’t have to just take my word for it, take the word of my sellers. Here is just a sample of the thank you notes and testimonials I have received from happy clients.
“After a period of internet research, I was impressed by the type of feedback you were giving everyone on selling their home.

You were straightforward, honest, down to earth and extremely hard-working. The fact that you were able to sell our townhome in the worst market in decades speaks volumes about the way it was marketed.
Teri, we couldn’t have chosen a better person to work with us. We were very pleased with the attention and effort you put into selling our townhome. Thank you. Thank you. Thank You!” Brian and Dawn O. of Chaska, MN
“Thanks again for your excellent work to sell our lake home despite the difficult economic situation!” Maggy and Robert Z. of Tarpon Springs, FL

“Teri—We really appreciate all you have done to make our dream a reality! We will give all of your friends & family our highest recommendation to use you in the future!” Sherry and Adam M. of Oak Grove, MN

"Teri had previously sold one of our homes and was our first choice when we were looking to find a new home.Teri was able to help us navigate the current unstable real estate market and went out of her way to help us.” Cheri and Denny L. of Apple Valley MN
If you need to sell your home in this changed real estate market, consider working with a REALTOR® that understands all aspects of the marketing plan. I will work hard to get your home SOLD so you can move on to your next step in life.

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