Thursday, July 19, 2012

Holding your OWN Hand when Buying or Selling a Home!

Well over a decade ago, I was on a weekend shopping excursion with my family. Just as we were about to step off the curb into the busy parking lot of the local Target, I attempted to take the hand of my precocious son when he announced to my husband and I, “I can hold my own hand!” And being obstinate and still in that "terrible two" stage, he did.

He put one chubby little fist inside the other behind his back and attempted to step off the curb and into traffic. And like the mama lion I was, I stopped him by the scruff of his neck...well actually, the collar of his jacket.

Realizing his need for independence, we explained to our child the danger of his actions. (Hey Bud...A driver of a car cannot see a tiny person out their windows as they back up their cars.) We compromised. He was allowed to hold his own hand everywhere we went except busy parking lots and when crossing the street. Then he would be required to hold mommy or daddy’s hand or hang on to his brother's stroller for his own safety.

Holding your own hand is good in life but there are times when one must rely on a professional to help them through a new or difficult situation. As a real estate agent, I realize most clients want to “hold their own hand” through a transaction for the most part. They do it with the knowledge that when they will need to “step off the curb”,  I am by their side  ready to explain and guide them through every step of the process. Whether it is a question from a home seller about getting their home ready for the first showing or a first time home buyer wondering whether a townhome or single family home would be a better investment, I am there ready to educate and assist.  

A good REALTOR® knows it is important for the client to make the decisions—it is our job to guide and educate our clients through the home buying or selling process.

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