Friday, August 17, 2012

All the Single Ladies! SF Looking for Affordable Townhome in WBL or Hugo

Going solo on a home purchase for women is a trend in today’s real estate market. It’s not surprising to me. As a REALTOR® with over a decade of experience in the north and east Twin Cities metro, I know several self assured women who have leaped off of the home-buying fence and purchased a home on their own. And believe me, age does not matter. Women in their 20’s and on up into senior years buy homes without a male cosigner. In fact, the WSJ online reported that single women now outpace single men in home purchases.

What type of home is the best option for someone buying solo? The sky is the limit!! If my single gal friends and clients are any indication of what single buy, it really is as diverse as any other segment. I have one friend in her early fifties who started with a west metro condo in her late 20’s but traded it for a brand spanking new townhome in Roseville a few years later. She wanted more of a backyard for her pets but didn’t want the yardwork that came with owning a single family home.

Another female friend of mine wasn’t afraid of a little home maintenance and purchased her family home while in her mid-thirties. She loved the MacGroveland area of St. Paul where she grew up and wanted to keep the turn-of-the-century treasure in the family.

Even senior buyers don’t always shy away from maintenance, while many senior women will opt for a townhome or condo when downsizing, I know another tenacious gal who was 60 years young when she bought a 4BR two story in Maple Grove with a full basement workshop to do projects in.

Single Gals (and Guys) should listen upRenting might not be the best financial option today for those who live in the north and east Minneapolis/St Paul metro. Homes in many communities are amazingly affordable….and you don’t have to settle for a rundown foreclosure either. There are new and existing townhomes and single family homes in all price ranges in communities like Blaine, Hugo, White Bear Lake, Oakdale, North St Paul and Shoreview. Combined with the unbelievably low interest rates that people are locking now (30 year loans at under 4% in some cases!), it is unfortunate if someone (man or woman) is too intimidated to go it alone.

Buying a home does not have to be intimidating. Finding a good REALTOR® who listens to what you want in a home and guides you through the process step-by-step is key. I have assisted many people—single men and women, couples and families—find their perfect place to call home. (Check out some of the testimonials I have received.)  I have outlined the home buying process in a simple, Homebuyer Success Guide and that I quickly email out to any potential Twin Cities homebuyer that asks for one. (you can request one using the link below). I also happily answer my cell phone when a new potential buyer calls with a question. We can organize a game plan to get you qualified and start your search for the best home options that fit your needs, wants and budget. Don’t let being single keep you out of the one of the best real estate buying opportunities in years.

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