Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Pack It Up! Test your Moving Skills

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to drop off one of my Christmas packages in person. I have been taking the easy way out and letting the postal service do the bulk of the work but I do like to add a personal delivery where it makes sense.

This client just sold his east Twin Cities metro home and after a month of packing and unpacking was down to the very last box. I said, “You know if you don’t get that one done, it will remain unpacked until you move again.” (I’m speaking from experience as there is one unpacked box from our move 16 years ago on a shelf in our basement.)

He responded, “I’m not moving again for a very long time!”

Funny…when we listed his house, he and his new fiancĂ©e had planned to sell her home too and start their new life in a brand new neighborhood. It is funny how quickly thinks can change...I just smiled.

Packing is a chore but it is a very big part of moving. This morning I ran across a fun interactive game that might be of interest to anyone planning a move soon. It gives the player a chance to test his/her packing skills by loading a simulated moving van, which is actually just a cube, with boxes as they come off the conveyor belt. So far, the men are getting higher scores than the ladies, even though many more women have tried playing the YOU-PACK-A-CUBE Game. It's on Facebook so you have to have a Facebook Account to play. I wasn't very good at the game but it was fun to try...and a bit addictive. My excuse...I do better when packing boxes, cars and vans in person.

So take a break from wrapping presents and baking cookies to test your packing skills…And when you are ready to make that move, give me a call!

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