Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wordless Wednesday (Almost) I Smell Fabulous!

Cinnamon loves playing with ribbons and this one that came with my Christmas gift is no exception. She smells nothing like Coco though...and when your home is on the market it is important to remember that pet odors can make or break a sale.

Here are a few additional tips for selling a home with pets:
  • Keep your pet well groomed to reduce odor, hair and damage caused by nails & claws.
  • Get a pet bed for your dogs and cats. (Several are available at It not only is more comfortable than the floor, it keeps dirt and sweat from their fur from going into the carpet fibers. Move the bed from room to room or buy a couple for their favorite spots. Pet beds are considerably cheaper than replacing carpet. Cats like beds too...especially if positioned in front of  windows.

  • Have a proper sized kennel or cage for exotic pets and clean often.

  • Clean all accidents immediately. Use special pet cleaners to remove odors and stains.

  • Cover all exposed woodwork especially around windows. Pets love to jump up and look out windows. Use gates to limit your pet's access to soft wood floors like birch or cherry wood. scratches from nails will often require the floor to be completely sanded down before refinishing which can be costly.

  • Avoid chaining your dog to the side of your house for long periods of time. Chains and bolts can cause both cosmetic and structural damage to your home.
  • If your pet shows behavior problems such as chewing, clawing etc, address them immediately to avoid damage to your home.

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