Sunday, April 14, 2013

Almost Speechless Sunday--Waiting their Turn in the Canal!

All though I live Ham Lake in Anoka County about 2 hours south of Duluth, we travel up quite often to see the ships come into the harbor. This was the first time I have witnessed anything quite like this...but then this has not been an ordinary spring for Minnesota. We should have green grass and flowers by now but sadly we are snow covered this year.

After an unseasonable spring snow fall of over nine inches in Duluth, Minnesota this last week, ships coming into port though the canal had to wait for an ice breaking ship to guide them in and avoid damage. The snow in the foreground is chunks of floating ice & snow on the lake. There are two ships waiting in this photo but we could actually see two more waiting further out. The news reported this morning that at one point yesterday, there were NINE ships waiting to pass through the canal under the famous Duluth Lift Bridge.
This never-ending winter continues to frustrate us...Time for spring!

Don't Let this Unusual Spring Snow Keep You From Making a Move to Minnesota...

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