Thursday, September 26, 2013

Septic Systems Maintenance is No Joke! But they do have funny slogans

Every three years like clockwork, I put in a call to Olson's to have our septic pumped out. It’s a dirty business and somebody’s gotta do it. The City of Ham Lake where we live, does not have a public sewer system. We all have individual sewage disposal or septic systems in our yards. The septic pumping and inspection is mandatory every three years. Getting your septic pumped and inspected is a requirement of most Twin Cities metro municipalities. State and county codes are not specific on the subject of on-site or individual sewage disposal systems (ISDS) or septic systems, leaving it up to each Minnesota city to adopted their own rules for inspection.

We have had Olson’s Sewer Service of Forest Lake maintain and inspect our system since we moved to our Ham Lake acreage. Their slogan, “keeping your sewer in the pink” and hot pink trucks are seen all over Forest Lake, Columbus, Lino Lakes, Wyoming and Ham Lake. When the pink reminder postcard arrives in the mail, we schedule our inspection right away.

Olson’s slogan while catchy is tame compared to others as septic professionals really have a sense of humor about the role they play in the community. Here is a list of some favorites that have been seen on sewage and plumbing trucks all over the US:

· Yesterday's Meals on Wheels
· We're #1 in the #2 business.
· You Dump It, We Pump It
· After the first whiff, call Cliff.
· A good flush beats a full house
· We do Pump 'N Right
· We'll take crap from anybody.
· Satisfaction guaranteed or your merchandise cheerfully returned.
· Your poop is our bread and butter!
· Your brown is our green.

If you have a
septic system on your property, check with city hall for specific time frames. While once every three years is required in Ham Lake, it is once every two years in Lino Lakes. Most cities require that the tank, drain field and baffles of the system be checked at the same time. The licensed contractor will provide a completed permit to the city to document the inspection.

This is not an optional inspection. If you choose not to inspect your system, the city might do it for you. Then you could be on the hook for additional fines and charges from your city.

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