Tuesday, October 1, 2013

5 Features of Vintage Homes that Buyers Love!

Age of a home is often a big deal for buyers. Yet not all home buyers want a “brand new” house. In fact, many home buyers seek out vintage homes for features that are too expensive to install in new construction today. Any home built in pre-1960 could possibly fit the bill...even smaller "affordable" homes will have unique details that give the home character.

Top 5 Features of Vintage Homes

Hardwood Floors—Of course new homes can have hardwood floors too but vintage hardwood is usually a smaller board with a very distinctive look to it. It really has character that you cannot find in the recently installed wood floors of today.

Coved ceilings and Plaster Walls —Beautifully rounded corners of a coved ceiling were used in the formal rooms to show elegance. Often these corners were paired with decoratively, swirled ceilings. Similarly, most walls in homes built in the 1960’s and earlier were plaster. This type of wall has a texture and is much more attractive than plain sheetrock.  This type of hand craftsmanship is has become too expensive to build into homes.  

Leaded Windows—Many of these windows will have colorful stainglass type inserts which give a home style inside and out.

Built-ins—Buffets, pillars, cabinets and other architectural details were common in many older homes. Often ornate and expertly crafted a built in cabinet can add to the appeal of a vintage home, especially if well maintained.

Crafted Wood Doors and Mouldings—Often the wood work in an historic home is of significantly better quality than in a comparably priced new home. Solid wood paneled doors were common in the construction of homes pre-1960. And mouldings were larger and thicker than what is used on a home today.

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