Tuesday, March 11, 2014

This REALTOR Welcomes Helicopter Parents!

“I was accused of being a helicopter parent.”  This statement was recently made by a friend of mine while we were chatting at a local coffee shop about our adult children.

My response to her was, “Really? Did you say thank you?”

Being a helicopter parent doesn’t always have to be a bad thing. It means you care about your children enough to give them advice rather than let them go off on their own and make mistakes. Okay, it’s not a good thing to ride with them on the school bus, follow them into the classroom and do their homework. But a mom going to check out colleges with her daughter or a dad going to the car dealer with his son isn’t such a bad thing is it? 

As a REALTOR®, I come across helicopter parents all the time.
Buying a first home can be an exciting, but also a somewhat scary, experience. It is the first big purchase most young people make. One that will have lasting effects on their live if they make a huge mistake. I am not surprised when my young buyers say that their parents want to see the house or attend a showing. In fact, I welcome moms and dads to attend showings or a meeting where we write up a purchase agreement. Usually after a few minutes of questioning by a concerned parent, they realize I am not just out to sell a house as quickly as possible. What I want as a buyer’s agent is the same thing that any parent would want for their child. I want my client, their child, to be happy with their home purchase. When someone signs a buyer’s contract for representation with me, I have fiduciary duties to put their needs first. I work in the best interest of my client at all times. This means full disclosure on the condition of the home, pointing out things to ask the sellers or an inspector about as well as preparing the paperwork noting contingencies that will protect the buyer if everything is not as it seems.

I have received almost as many thank you notes and emails from parents after successful closings as I have from my home buyers.   After all, we had the same goal, for the new home owners to be happy with their first home

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