Monday, July 14, 2014

That's a GREAT Question for an Inspector!

I like helping buyers find the homes of their dreams. Not all homes are perfect and some do have issues. Some issues are very obvious. Last week I showed a home with a front step where the sidewalk had settled nearly three inches on one corner of the slab. I pointed it out to my buyers. When they asked if it could be repaired or if it was a problem, I answered, "That's a great question for an inspector."

Sometimes buyers see things I have never seen before. Yesterday I was showing a 1950's ranch home. The windows opened with a weird flat metal piece that had to be extended and pushed forward to open the window. I had no idea how it worked. Again, I recommend asking an inspector. 

There are times where the question will be best answered by someone at the city or county office. I will instruct my buyer to contact a government agency for additional information. Recently there was  home with a culvert in the backyard. My clients wondered who would be responsible to keep it clear of grass and debris.  Since it could be the homeowner but also could be a city maintenance responsibility, this was a great question to ask at city hall. 

I try to have answers to all real estate questions but construction, legal and accounting issues are not my forte. Sometimes I can spot something that doesn't quite look right and it is my job to point it out to my buyers. And, believe me, my home buying clients appreciate the "heads up" so to speak on something that might be good to ask an expert about. It is important to keep in mind that even a home inspector will refer you to an expert for certain parts of the inspection like someone who will test the well water, septic system, pool mechanicals or service the fireplace and/or furnace. 

A home inspection is a very important step in the process whether you are considering new construction or an existing home or townhome. Take time to find a knowledgeable, experienced professional. Buying a home is one of the most important purchases you will ever make so it is well worth the investment to have the home thoroughly reviewed by a home inspector.

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