Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Checklist to Get Your Home Ready to Sell in 30 Days

Home buyers are poised and ready to purchase in the Twin Cities but there is very little housing inventory right now. I am really surprised at how few listings I am seeing in the north and east metro right now. It is spring after all. And, spring is one of the best time to sell a home in Minnesota. 

Home buyers are ready, but are you? Preparing a home for sale is not an easy task but it can be done quickly if necessary. If the perfect place to move comes on the market next week, would you be ready to have your home on the market in 30 days?

I have several tips I share with my selling clients when I do a market analysis for a home. Many of my past clients refer to this as their check list of things to do to get your home in tip top shape before selling.  All are simple tasks and inexpensive ways to get your home ready so that first potential buyer is impressed. Following this list won’t take the place of hiring a professional home stager, but it does seem to get my seller’s on the right track to a quick sale.

Teri’s Tips for a Quick Home Sale

  1. Pump Up the Curb Appeal—Jazz up the front entrance with a coat of paint and new hardware on the front door.  Remove any personalized signs or doorknockers. Trim trees, bushes and keep the walkway to the front door clear.  Once the weather is warm, invest in bright, colorful flowering plants to welcome visitors. 
  2.  Prep the Kitchen—The Kitchen can sell the home so make it appear as large and inviting as possible!  Clean off counter and organize cabinets and drawers.  Store, pack or discard seldom used appliances and large pans. Large kitchen appliances should be in a matching color. Consider replacing the counter if worn or outdated. Replace dated faucets and light fixtures. 
  3.  Update the Bathrooms—Bathrooms also can make or break a sale. Sometimes cleaning, painting and re-caulking is not enough to help a dingy bathroom.   Consider replacing a dated vanity, counter and sink. Look closely at the faucets and light fixtures. If they are dated, consider replacing.  A nasty discolored tub, might need resurfacing professionally or use a DIY product like Rustoleum. Likewise, the flooring needs to be scrutinized. If it is out of date or worn, replace. As a final touch, stage the room with colorful floor mats and fluffy coordinated towels to make cozy.
  4.  Reduce Clutter—Sort out EVERYTHING! Throw away what you don’t need and pack the rest. Too much stuff? Consider an off-site storage locker or pod during the move. Donate unwanted items to charity. If you have big “toys” like a camper, boat or classic car, consider storing at another location until after the move. 
  5.  Clean Inside and Out!—Your home needs to be spotless and smell wonderful. This goes for the garage and yard too. Don’t just dump everything from the house into the garage. A buyer will want to assess the size of the garage and won’t be able to do that if it is too cluttered. If you have pets, the yard, litter box and cages, must be clean and odor-free for every showing. 
  6.  Paint—Light and neutral colors will make smaller rooms appear larger. Personalized painting of children’s names or cute designs should be painted over prior to the first showing.  Remove any wall paper. Almost every buyer I have worked with groans when they see wall paper in a house. Use premium quality paint, patch holes properly and tape woodwork prior to starting. A sloppy paint job is counterproductive and can hurt your bottom-line. 
  7.  Make Minor Repairs—Tighten knobs, fix leaks, oil squeaks, replace dirty filters, repair cracked windows and holes in screens. Anything that can be fixed, should be fixed. Buyers will not pay top dollar for a “project house”. 
  8.  Fix a Leaking Roof—Buyers look at ceilings for water stains. One small stain could cause a buyer to question the entire roof. Find and fix the leak at its source. This might be the time to call in a professional.  Make sure to have a permit for the work whether DIY or professional roofer. Repair any ceiling damage and be prepared to fully disclose the work done. 
  9.  Explain a Wet Basement—Do what you can to make repairs and minimize moisture in the basement. Be prepared to fully disclosure any water intrusion issues past and present. 
  10.  Exterminate—Call a professional to get rid of any rodent or insect intrusion. One bug, alive or dead, can scare away a potential buyer. If you get periodic mice in the home, remove traps and bait before showings. Again, honestly and fully disclose any pest issues to potential buyers before the sale.
Need more help to sell your Minneapolis/St Paul Home? Let me be your professional guide. If you are buying, selling or relocating to Minnesota and need help from a professional REALTOR®, give me, Teri Eckholm of Boardman Realty, a call or visit my website for a FREE Home Buyer Success Guide or FREE Home Value Report. I specialize in acreage and lakeshore properties in the north and east Twin Cities metro area including Ham Lake, Lino Lakes and all communities in the Forest Lake School District. Serving Anoka, Chisago, Ramsey and Washington Counties in Minnesota.

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