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Dreaming of Life on a Minnesota Lake? This Could be the Year to Make YOUR Move!

Is spending the summer on a Minnesota lakeshore your dream? What if you could walk out your backdoor and in a few steps be in at the lake? With well over 10,000 lakes in Minnesota, it is not just a dream but reality for many homeowners. Living in a lakehome.  Whether you are in Anoka, Ramsey, Chisago, Washington, Hennepin or any other county in our great state lakeshore is a plentiful and beautiful but sadly it is not always affordable. 

How do you find affordable lakeshore in Minnesota and which lake is best for you? That really depends on your needs and how your family will make use of the water. If you want to dock a speedboat or need room to set sail in a larger sailboat, your dream might be to live on a large acreage full recreational lake. But many love the idea of waking in the morning to the calls of nesting loons and or sitting on the deck in the evening to view a brilliant rosy sunset. This buyer might prefer an affordable natural wetland shore. A home with this type of shoreline is can be much less expensive than a home on lakeshore with a sandy beach to swim in and dock for a boat.

 A few years back, when lakeshore prices were seemingly out of reach, I wrote another article, Affordable Minnesota Lakeshore, that remains to this day one of the most popular pages on my website. It was written for those dreaming of a lake home but unable to afford the rising costs on shoreline property in Minnesota. (A full recreational lake will have few, if any, restrictions by the Minnesota DNR for usage of the lake…meaning you can have a speed boat, jet ski, etc.) Because not everyone needs, wants or can afford a home on a full recreational lake, I outlined the best affordable options and alternatives to a full recreational lakehome with shoreline. But with the changed real estate market, these variations on traditional lakeshore are now extremely affordable—usually not much higher than a home without water’s edge. And when you combine these affordable options with frigid temps, a home buyer with lakeshore dreams can find they can afford to live on Minnesota lakeshore!

Channel Shore Shoreline along a channel is a great option for a full recreational lake. Many large lakes will have channels or narrow extensions that lead to other lakes or ponds. Usually there is not a place for a beach but you can have a slip or short dock for your boat. The channel will provide access to the main lake. The view will probably include homes on the opposite shore of the channel but if your goal is affordable use of a full recreational lake, this is a great alternative.

Smaller Lake with Channel to Full Recreational Lake Often the lakes in Minnesota are connected to one or several smaller lakes. This can be a great opportunity. Shoreline that is shallow or weedy is not considered prime but if it has access to a larger lake, it could provide the same enjoyment at a much lower price.

Small Acreage Lake Smaller lakes can be of interest to the more laidback water lover. Often there will be restrictions disallowing motors or only small motors. These smaller lakes can still be great for fishing, canoeing, kayaking and swimming. Some will allow docks and beaches but check with the DNR for specific restrictions. A small lake will still offer wonderful natural views at a significantly lower price than a full recreational lake.

Environmental Lakes and Wetlands Very shallow lakes wonderful for privacy but not great for recreation. If you are looking for a home with awesome views of wildlife, this may be something to consider.Deeded AccessMany homes and associations near a full recreational lake have been developed with deeded access providing use of the lake. The ability to have a dock, use the beach, or moor a boat, will be outlined in a legal agreement specifying what uses are allowed. Not all deeded access is created equal! Request a copy of all of the specific uses and rules before writing an offer so you can fully understand the access available as a home owner.

Lake View A home with a beautiful lake view but no shoreline or lake access, can provide the wonderful picturesque views everyone dreams of without the high lakeshore taxes.Location with Public Access NearbyA final option is to look for a home that is near park with public lake access. I sold one such home where the public access to a good-sized full recreational lake was about a quarter mile down the street. This family uses the lake to canoe, cross country ski and fish without driving or trailers. There was none of the additional cost or taxes associated with lakeshore property but all of the benefits!

  •  Department of Natural Resources Lake Finder Comprehensive search engine to find information regarding the size, depth and condition of Minnesota lakes by county and lake name. There is even information on approximate numbers and types of fish found in the listed lakes. 
  • Shoreland Education   Need to know if you can have a dock? Put in a beach? If the water is safe? This site provides videos and resources to help answer for the most often asked water, lake and shoreline questions

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