Friday, June 26, 2015

Ten Reasons STILLWATER, MN is a GREAT Place to call HOME!

Living in Stillwater Minnesota just sounds peaceful, doesn’t it? The city was named for the still waters of the St. Croix River that separates Minnesota from Wisconsin and has roots deep in Minnesota history. In fact, Stillwater is often referred to as the birth place of Minnesota.  Those deep roots are just one of the things that drawn over 18,000 people to life in this historic community.

Here is a top ten list of reasons why this Stillwater is such a great place to live:

#10-Antique & Eclectic Shopping. An afternoon stroll down Stillwater’s Main Street is full of eye candy! With dozens of shops with unique and antique wares, it is like visiting a museum or history center but with price tags! 

#9-Local Police and Fire. The city is proud to have its own police force as well as a professional fire department with full time firefighters on staff providing protection to over 60 square miles of the greater Stillwater community.

#8-Community Schools. Go Ponies! Being #1 means much more in Stillwater School District #834. The very first Minnesota school was constructed in Stillwater in 1848; one year before Minnesota became a territory.  And just two years later, Stillwater was the very first school district too. Today the district has expanded to 10 community based elementary schools, 2 junior highs and one high school.  It encompasses 150 square miles and serves 18 communities along the St. Croix River.

#7-Parks, Playgrounds and Trails. "Where can I play?" With 37 playgrounds, parks and trails located throughout the community, this is hardly ever an issue for residents in Stillwater.  The adorable Teddy Bear Park is a favorite summer spot for the 7 and under crowd.  There is a skateboard park and dog park too. No one is left out, young or old.  

#6-St. Croix River and Ariel Lift Bridge. Stillwater, MN made Forbes magazine as one of the “Top 10 Prettiest Towns in America” and residents agree. The St. Croix River, Lowell Park and the historic Ariel Lift Bridge is a wonderful view from shore walking or biking or a relaxing riverboat ride. While the adventurous might try a jump on a paddle board, kayak, Segway or hot air balloon to explore the sites.

#5-Historic Caves. Step back into the 1800’s on a walking tour of the Joseph Wolf Brewery /Sandstone Caves. The tour is full of history and a little mystery located right downtown at the Luna Rossa Trattoria & Wine Bar.

#4-Local Hospital. Most suburban residents have a bit of a drive when there is a medical emergency but not the residents of Stillwater. Lakeview Hospital , located in the heart of the city, is a full service hospital with 24/7 urgent and/or emergency care.

#3-Conveniently Located.
Just off Hwy 36 and east of the St. Croix River, it is a short commute to either downtown Minneapolis or St. Paul.

#2-Eclectic Options for Living. Whether you want the convenience of a low-maintenance condo with a river view, a historic Victorian up on the hill or a single family home in a newer development, there is a plethora of options in Stillwater.

#1-Friendly People.
The number one reason for living in Stillwater is the welcoming community atmosphere. Isn't that what most people search for in a place to call home?


1225 2nd St S, Stillwater MN