Saturday, April 7, 2007

Bird Watching in Off and On-Line in Minnesota—Help Keep Power Lines Clear and the Electricity ON!

From the windows in our Anoka County home, we have the opportunity to bird watch. There is a falcon that has nested in a catalpa tree in our front yard. There is huge barn owl in one of our back oaks. A male pheasant lives under a towering pine. All year round we see song birds, blue jays, cardinals, and wood peckers. It is great fun to watch and identify different species. We know we are fortunate in Ham Lake. Not everyone can see such an array of birds at home.

If you like to keep an eye to the sky and watch the birds, you can help keep the power on too! Osprey love to build nests in the spring on tall towers, buildings, poles and other structures. However, when the birds choose a power pole to construct their home, it can be not only be a danger for the birds, it can cause damage to essential equipment. If you notice an osprey starting to nest on a power pole, Xcel asks that you would contact there customer care center at 1-800-895-4999. They will do everything they can to relocate the nest in a safe area nearby.

Did you know that Xcel Energy has on-line links so you can watch birds’ native to Minnesota build their spring nests? It is a very fun and educational site to see birds of prey up close in their natural nesting habitat. Hurry the eaglets will be hatching in early April!
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