Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter—Tips to Clean up the Fridge after Holiday Surprises!

If you’re considering moving this spring, a clean refrigerator is essential. Home buyers are very particular about the cleanliness of kitchens. They look inside the refrigerator and stove to check to see how clean they are. Here are quick tips to put your fridge in tip top shape:
  • Remove all food from refrigerator. If anything is past the freshness date, throw away.
  • Remove all drawers and shelves that can be removed. Put on the counter or in sink of soapy water.
  • Using soft cloth or sponge and warm soapy water, wipe down the entire inside of the appliance.
  • Don’t forget to clean the door. Pay extra attention to the top of the door where food can collect.
  • Clean off all of the drawers and shelves on the counter and in the sink.
  • Reassemble the interior parts of the refrigerator.
  • Vacuum coils underneath the appliance. Check to make certain the drip pan is empty.
  • Wipe down the entire exterior. Pay special attention to around the handle.
  • Put in a fresh box of baking soda to keep odors at bay.
Now your refrigerator as clean and fresh as a Spring Day!

Happy Easter!

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