Sunday, May 6, 2007

Why Minnesotans have More to be Proud of than 10,000 Lakes

As a native Minnesotan, I have always loved living here! I have traveled to many parts of the United States and though there are other wonderful communities across this great nation, but I have always loved calling Minnesota home!

Being a Realtor working in the northeast metro of the Twin Cities, I get the opportunity to meet with many out of state families considering relocation to Minnesota for the first time. It is eye-opening for many of these visitors just what an opportunity it is to live in the land of 10,000 lakes! Whether people are considering a home an acreage home in Lino Lakes or Ham Lake, a town home in Blaine or a lakeshore home in Forest Lake, the reaction is always the same: Minnesota offers great opportunities.

At a recent seminar I attended, this message about Minnesota was brought home tenfold! Glenn Dorfman, COO of the Minnesota Association of Realtors shared some interesting statistics he compiled from various sources about our great state. I was amazed at our ranking in several categories.
As Minnesotans, we have much to be proud of!
Minnesota is Prosperous!

  • MN has the 2nd lowest poverty rate in the US

  • MN rates 8th on the scale of median family income.

  • MN rates 15th on the scale of residents with median family incomes over $150,000.

  • MN rates 2nd for homeownership!
Minnesotans work hard and value education!

  • MN rates 1st in women’s labor force participation.

  • MN rates 4th in men’s labor force participation.

  • MN is 9th for residents with a college diploma!

  • MN is 2nd for residents with a high school diploma!
Minnesotans care about our health.

  • MN rates 4th for residents having health insurance.

  • MN is ranked 2nd on the list as healthiest by the United Health Foundation.
Minnesota is growing!
Minnesota grew faster than its four neighboring states, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin from April 2000 through July 2003. Minnesota grew 2.8% during this time period which was very close to the growth rate of 3.3% shown by the US as a whole.

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