Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Staging 101—Why Dead Animals Don’t Sell Houses!

It happened again last weekend. As a Realtor in the Twin Cities, I was showing houses in the Lino Lakes/Blaine area to my first time home buyers. In one cute little rambler, my clients and I walked into a cozy den and there was a stuffed snarling bobcat decorating the back of the upholstered rocker. It is always a show-stopping conversation piece when showing a home and there’s a dead animal in the room. Of course, in homes like this, there’s never just one dead animal…In the basement there was room full of various hunting “trophies”.

This is not meant to start a debate the merits of hunting or mounting a prize catch.
As I show houses in Anoka and Chisago Counties is an area of Minnesota where many people love to hunt and fish, this is a home staging issue.
I want point out that the average buyer does not want to come eyeball to eyeball with a 15-point whitetail buck!
Imagine walking through a strange home, flipping on light switches, turning a corner and getting stared down by the glass eyes of an animal that breathed its last breath along time ago. A prized northern on the wall or pheasant on the table does not impress a buyer either.

Selling a home it is supposed to be all about the house! No seller wants to turn off a buyer by their décor. Pack and store these trophies in a storage locker or rent a
POD but don’t leave them to become the conversation piece of the buyers and their agent! If a buyer and their agent are admiring your hunting abilities, they aren’t focused on your home…Which is after all, why they are in your home in the first place!

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