Friday, January 16, 2009

Teri and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad, Subzero MN Winter Day

In Minnesota this week we experienced a once (or twice) in a canine lifetime, finger-freezing, pipe-bursting, cold snap….or should I say ARCTIC BLAST? I know that half of America felt a bit chilly this week as that horrible, no-good jet stream swooped down from the Arctic into states as far south as Florida. But I frankly have no sympathy for someone suffering in 30 degree temperatures when ours are 30 degrees below zero. I think it is time to pack up the hateful flannel railroad pajamas and head to Australia!
There is no other way to describe subzero, bone-chilling weather…30 degrees below zero weather is NASTY with a capital N! The wind freezes the skin in a matter of seconds. Dress in layers takes on a new dimension as people, who never wear hats, gloves, boots or scarves, swaddle themselves in mismatched accessories and ugly holiday sweaters in order to walk out to warm up their cars…If the cars will start that is.

Thank goodness I didn’t have to show houses during the snap. As a Minnesota REALTOR®, it is cold enough when trying to show a winterized, heatless, and foreclosed home on a 30 degree day. In this weather, taking off your gloves to work a combination lock box can be a painful reminder of how quickly frostbite can overtake essential extremities…like fingers!

Our 17 year old dog, Tikki, played dead when I try to coax him out the door to take care of business. When I was finally able to push him out and down his dog ramp, he was too cold to do anything and he sat on his tail with his frozen paws in the air. I had to put on boots to go out and lift him back to his feet to get him inside. A few minutes later, we had an accident in the house.

School was delayed or even cancelled in many communities for fear that kids will freeze at bus stops or walk to school in their usual jacketless, bootless, gloveless and hatless state. I guess common sense still isn’t being taught at Minnesota schools…or maybe it is just that teenagers still don’t believe that minus 30 is COLD! Heck as a Minnesota teen, I chose style over warmth too no matter how low the temperature got.

Those who have to venture out in this weather have all the supplies…gloves, blankets, boots, hats and energy bars in their winter survival kits…Who am I kidding? It is advised to carry one of those kits in your car but I don’t know one Minnesotan that has one. I did see someone get one as a Christmas gift once but I’d bet the Hershey’s bars were eaten long before any possible incident where the car hit black ice and went into the ditch.

On days like this week brought us, if I have to go out, I make certain to wear boots and thick, woolly socks. Once your feet get cold in this weather, they never warm up!

There was some frigid weather fun…The news people froze a wet t-shirt into a pancake-flat work of art in a matter of minutes and overnight a banana hardened into
a “bammer”…fruit so hard it could pound in a nail. Hot water thrown in the air creates an instant cloud and blown soap bubbles freeze and shatter like glass. Great times…Yeah right!

It was over 90 straight hours of below zero temps before we started to warm into the single digits…Next week it may be just warm enough to wash the thick, white crust of salt residue off the sides of my car. That groundhog better NOT see his shadow in a couple of weeks! It is SO time for spring! OR maybe a move to Australia!

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