Monday, April 27, 2009

Does a Buyer in Anoka County NEED to Take a First Time Homebuyer Class?

People who have never owned a home before are excited about the new $8000 tax credit for first time buyers. They want to learn as much as they can and as fast as they can because this credit is only available for those who buy a home before December 1, 2009. Every day I am talking to excited potential home buyers and friends wondering where they can take a class to learn more about buying a home. They want a class that will fit their schedule and get them out searching for their dream home very quickly.

Well, I will let you in on a little secret. You don’t need to sit in a class on someone else’s schedule with a bunch of others to learn to buy a home. There is no class requirement for receiving the 2009 $8000 tax credit.

What I tell all of my friends and referred clients is that if you are serious about buying a home and taking advantage of this credit, let me be your guide.

As an experienced and professional REALTOR® with hundreds of extremely happy clients, I can educate you quickly on the process of buying your first home and at no cost to you.
Contact me  and request your homebuyer success package. As soon as I receive your information, I will send you a list of seven simple steps to home ownership, a Q&A sheet to address the $8000 tax credit and booklet containing all the information you need to buy your first home. In minutes you will have all you questions answered on the home buying process.

Copyright 2009 Teri Eckholm