Sunday, November 15, 2009

Almost Speechless Sunday--Gobble, Gobble on Anoka County Acreage!

Though I live on Minnesota Acreage, I have never been a hunter. But owning a few home with a few acres in Anoka County does present the perfect hunting opportunity now and then.

Living in slightly rural setting, we see observe deer run through the yard, eating crabapples and acorns off the lawn, or in darting front of our car now and then...And once in awhile there is an opportunity that is nothing short of GOLDEN!!

Just a few days ago, I heard quite a commotion in my backyard. It is only weeks prior to Thanksgiving and we have the good fortune to have a rafter of TURKEYS make a visit. We counted at least 40 of them.

Quite an opportunity to take a shot or two...with my camera! Enjoy!

FYI--A rafter is the correct term for a group or flock of turkeys.

Copyright 2009 Teri Eckholm