Sunday, November 8, 2009

Expanded Tax Credit Might Make Moving in a MN Winter Worth the Effort

Everyone knows that S word associated with a Minnesota Winter: SNOW! The dreaded elements of the season that scare many "sunshine and warmth" lovers out of our great state do present problems when it comes to moving and selling a home.

But this year if you wait until spring, you could lose out big time.
The expanded and extended tax credit for homebuyers will expire in April 2010 just as the warm winds of spring make a comeback. If you are considering a move in the next 6-12 months, listing your home now could definitely be to your advantage.

Here are a few reasons…besides the $6500 tax creditthat might convince you to put your home on the market now:

  1. Buyers who look at homes in the winter months in Minnesota are serious about purchasing a house. There are less “snow” tire-kickers when you have to navigate to showings along icy roads.

  2. Not all first time buyers could find that perfect foreclosure home this summer. Many would prefer to work with a traditional seller who can provide a history of the home on a disclosure.

  3. Buyers like viewing homes where the utilities have not been disconnected, and this is true especially in the winter. As a traditional seller your home isn’t winterized and disconnected like vacant, foreclosed properties. Buyers will definitely feel a warm glow any home with the lights and heat on!

  4. Snow can cover landscaping flaws. If fido has left dead spots in the grass, now one will notice.

  5. Homes look very festive during the holidays! Of course don’t go overboard with the lights…This means NO Griswold decorating! But tasteful holiday décor will make a house feel more like home.

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