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Ham Lake, MN Year End Real Estate Market Statistics for 2009

The City of Ham Lake has a rich history. Incorporated in 1974, Ham Lake became a city after over a hundred years of humble but steady growth. The area was first settled in 1855 by a group of Scottish men on the southwest side of Ham Lake. Though, I can only assume that the lake itself got its name due to its unusual “ham hock” shape, the community started out with a different name. The original name of the community was Glen Carey, which is the Scottish translation of “beautiful valley”. Following a prairie fire in 1857, the first settlers moved but the community was resettled again. The new Scandinavian settlers had a hard time with the pronunciation of Glen Carey and soon the fledging community was known as Ham Lake. Anoka County officially was recognized it as a township in 1871. In the early 1900’s Central Avenue (Highway 65) was a slow commute as it was a wagon trail through the sand and swampland. And we think going through stop light after stop light slows traffic. Though it was graveled and paved at some point, it 1954 before was expanded to four lanes.
Those four lanes are in full use now as more and more people look to buying home on acreage in the Ham Lake area. Though the sluggish real estate market has affected Ham Lake, MN and Anoka County in 2008, homes did sell. Homes are stayed on the market longer with an average Cumulative Days-on-Market (CDOM) of 180 days for homes during 2009 versus 158 CDOM in 2008. Note that CDOM for homes over $500,000 are the only homes with extremely long market times, selling with an average CDOM of 261. The average price of a home sold in Ham Lake in 2009 was $248,424.
While there are 20% fewer homes on the market in Ham Lake now compared to January 2008 (88 versus 110 active listings), homes are continuing to taking a bit longer to sell and even with the $8000 tax incentive for first time home buyers that boosted last year’s market, there continues to be more homes on the market than buyers. But we are making progress. Homeowners considering selling a home in the Ham Lake area must consider the average time to sell a home in the area is approximately 6 months but inventory levels indicate a more complex story depending on the home’s list price.
Inventory levels are manageable for homes under $300,000 with about 6 months of inventory. But inventory levels rise to approximately 12 months in prices between $300,000 and $500,000. While over $500,000 there is about 18 months of inventory in the Ham Lake area. This is much better than how Ham Lake real estate started 2009 where there was upwards of 5 YEARS of inventory in the half million plus properties. Seller have seem to have gotten the message that having a home properly priced and prepared for showings was essential to sell a home in this Anoka County community in 2009.
Year End 2009 Ham Lake residential real estate statistics for single family homes:
Under $200,000~ 26 Active Listings, 7 Pending Listings, 59 Sold Listings, CDOM 175 (New Construction Subgroup ~ 0 Active, 0 Pending, 1 Sold)
$200,000-300,000 ~ 20 Active Listings, 6 Pending Listings, 45 Sold Listings, CDOM 173 (New Construction Subgroup ~ 1 Active, 0 Pending, 3 Sold)
$300,000-400,000 ~ 24 Active Listings, 1 Pending Listings, 31 Sold Listings, CDOM 186 (New Construction Subgroup ~ 5 Active, 1 Pending, 2 Sold)
$400,000-$500,000 ~ 6 Active Listings, 1 Pending Listings, 9 Sold Listings, CDOM 209 (New Construction Subgroup ~ 1 Active, 0 Pending, 0 Sold)
$500,000 and Up~ 11 Active Listings, 1 Pending Listings, 8 Sold Listings, CDOM 261 (New Construction Subgroup ~ 2 Active, 0 Pending, 4 Sold)
Lakeshore available in the City of Ham Lake 7 Active Listings

Ham Lake lakeshore price range: $135,000-$804,000

4 Homes on Coon Lake
1 Home on Lake Netta
2 Home on Little Coon Lake

Acreage Listings in the City of Ham Lake

  • 38 Properties listed on 1-2 Acres Priced from $67,900-$599,800
  • 16 Properties listed on 2-3 Acres Priced from $113,000-$980,000
  • 7 Properties listed on 3-5 Acres Priced from $145,000-$778,000
  • 3 Properties listed on 5-10 Acres Priced from $249,900-$805,000
  • 2 Properties listed on 1-2 Acres Priced from $241,000-$499,900
**All Statistical information based on information from the REGIONAL MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE of MINNESOTA, INC. for the period of 1/1/09 through 12/31/09.

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