Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Attention Homeowners! Essential Fall Maintenance or "Honey Do" List

There was a nip in the air this morning. Leaves have turned gold, red and yellow and now are blowing all over Anoka County. The fallen acorns have attracted white-tailed deer as they feast in Ham Lake, Columbus and Lino Lakes backyards. It is time to get those autumn chores done to protect our home and investment from the winter ahead.
As a REALTOR® in the Twin Cities metro, I know how important it is to maintain a home in throughout the year. Winters can be mild or brutal in Minnesota depending on the year. Whether the Almanac or the weatherman predicts a few snowfalls or many blizzards, getting your home ready in the fall can prevent winter damage and costly repairs in the spring.

Here are a few reminders of repairs and preventive maintenance tips for all homeowners to consider do every fall:

  1. Clean Gutters of leaves and other debris that might clog the drainage. A blocked gutter can cause an ice dam when the snow flies.

  2. Winterize the lawn tractor or mower and get that snowblower tuned. If you have a plow service, make contact and update your contract prior to the first snowfall.

  3. Change security lightbulbs in hard to reach outlets. It would hazardous to climb ladders to reach the tip of a garage over an icy driveway.

  4. Unhook, coil and remove hoses from water spigots. Turn off and winterize sprinkling systems. Turn off water to outside spigots if not frost-free to prevent burst pipes in subzero temperatures.

  5. Have the annual furnace cleaning and tune-up to be ready for those first cold evenings. Remember to change the furnace filter every month for best efficiency…even if the packaging says “6-month filter”. QUICK TIP: Change filter when you make your monthly mortgage payment so you don’t forget.

  6. Check all windows and doors to see if new caulk or weather-striping is needed.

  7. Fall is the perfect time to paint with the low humidity and crisp breeze. Check deck, siding and trim for peeling paint.

  8. Fall is the last chance to seal the asphalt driveway prior to winter freezing. Fill cracks and topcoat if necessary.

  9. Inspect the roof for missing or damaged shingles. Verify that the flashings are sealed from rain and snow.

  10. Snap a few fall photos while the mums and trees are vibrant with color! Golden yellow oak leaves and vivid red sumacs will look awesome in the local MLS if you decide to sell your home over the winter.

Copyright 2010 Teri Eckholm