Saturday, July 6, 2013

Get Rid of Toxic Waste Safely Before you Sell YOUR Anoka County Home!

“I left all the extra paint  under the basement stairs, just in case you want to touch up a few things.” 

It's a statement that will often make a REALTOR® cringe at the closing. But it still is an announcement is made by home sellers at closings in Minnesota from time to time. Some home buyers are appreciative, especially if the home was recently repainted and they love the neutral color scheme. But agents, such as myself, will cringe when this hasn't been discussed prior to the closing. Some buyers won't be so happy because paint and other hazardous chemicals are considered to be toxic waste.

My husband and I periodically venture into our own little toxic wasteland of cans stored under the basement steps to do a project or touch up a bump or scratch in the paint. Every once in a while we are surprised by what is accumulated there. Some cans are so old, they are rusted shut. It is amazing how quickly we stack up dozens of half containers of paint we will never use again. 

When horde of chemicals and paint under the stairs gets to this point we know it's time for a trip to the Anoka County Household Hazardous Waste Facility (HHW) in Blaine!

The HHW is located at 3230 101st Ave NE in Blaine just west of the 35W and 95th Ave interchange and is open YEAR-ROUND and is FREE to Anoka County Residents
...just bring proof of your ID to prove you are a resident of the county. Summer Hours (April through October)

Wednesday 2PM-8PM
Friday 9PM-3PM
Saturday 9PM-3PM

Winter Hours (November through March)

Wednesday 2PM-8PM
Saturday 9PM-3PM
The HHW accepts more than paint too. Drop off any household product that is labeled “Corrosive”, “Flammable”,” Poison”, “Toxic” or “Warning”. This includes old drain cleaner and mothballs from the hall closet and the insecticides and weed killer in the garage. Mercury thermometers, pool chemicals and used motor oil are also accepted.

Every time we have to drop off chemicals and toxins, we have received quick, efficient service. It's a quick drive into the facility and the service professionals remove the unwanted items from your vehicle. We never seem to wait more than 5-10 minutes, though from the lines and cones around the building, I would guess that on a busy Saturday in the summer, the wait can be longer.

Plan ahead when selling your Anoka County home and do the new homebuyer of your home a favor by disposing of old paints, stains and other products before your closing. It's FREE, easy and the right thing to do.

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