Monday, July 29, 2013

Man Cave in Your Next Home? Features to Make it Awesome!

So it’s time to move and your husband is insisting the neon bar light he acquired in college shouldn’t go into the trash. He is certain it will be the perfect addition to the downstairs family room—along half a dozen framed jerseys from various sports teams. And then there is that unique pseudo Adirondack chair made every hockey stick he has ever owned. You’re just not crazy about a purple, green or red wall in any part of your new home even if they are his favorite team colors. Before there's an all out battle, maybe it’s time to consider a man-cave a priority on the new home list. 

A man cave, or male sanctuary, is a place to stash all that guy stuff that just doesn’t fit the décor of the rest of the home. It is where a guy can be a guy and keep his treasures. A hangout if you will. So before you risk your relationship and hide all of his precious, yet somewhat hideous treasures in the box designated for the Salvation Army, consider finding a home with man cave potential.

Top Features in a Man Cave

  1. Soundproof—A great man sanctuary will allow guys to be loud without bothering the rest of the family.
  2. Abundant, Comfortable Seating—Relaxing in front of a game, movie or Xbox will need to be done in comfort.
  3. Big Screen—The bigger the better in most cases, whether watching sports or gaming.
  4. Bar area—Either a wet or dry, a place to store refreshments is a necessity.
  5. Workshop—Most men treasure their tools making a cool workbench a great asset
  6. Private entrance—Again, the less the rest of the family is disturbed, the better.
  7. Workout Area—Whether a treadmill, boxing bag or mega weight bench, this manly equipment is best suited for the cave! 
And if the lady of the home also has some unique treasures that need their own space, whether it be an over-sized walk-in closet for the shoes or a special hobby room for scrap booking,  maybe a woman-cave is should be on the house requirement list too.

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