Friday, October 11, 2013

Buying a First Home? Define YOUR Dream!

Minnesotans are fortunate to live in an area where housing is affordable. Couple that with the low interest rates and first time buyers who live in the Minneapolis/St Paul metro have opportunities to buy that aren't available in other parts of the US.

However affordable, buying a first home can be quite intimidating. Understanding the difference between a lender mediated short sale,  a bank-owned foreclosure and traditional sale is essential. The Twin Cities market still has some distressed homes in the market but there are abundantly more traditional and new construction sellers too.  From Forest Lake to Blaine to Hugo and White Bear Lake, there are homes in all shapes, sizes, price ranges and conditions. 

Savvy home buyers will educate themselves using the wealth of information that is available online, but there will come a time to view the home in person too and many first time home buyers get stuck on what is the first step to buying a home. But I can help...and surprisingly, it is commission FREE!

I love assisting first time home buyers!

The thought of owning a first home is exciting and that excitement bubbles right out of these home buyers. Most will have a picture in their heads of what their dream home should look like.  Part of my job is to help draw out that picture and locate a home that will fit their dream. But each dream is different.

  • Is it a little bungalow with the white picket fence?
  • A new trendy condo in the heart of downtown St. Paul?
  • Or maybe a vintage, fixer-upper to renovate and build equity?

As a REALTOR® working for home buyers, I work with you to define YOUR dream. But my service while invaluable is FREE!  It doesn't cost buyers one cent in commission to have representation but and is received is priceless!

As the real estate market in the metro becomes more balanced, there still are options in almost every price range for a homebuyer to consider. So how does a buyer narrow down the choices? 

Working with a professional real estate agent can help. The first step is always to get pre-approved for a mortgage to define an affordable price range and mortgage program. As a REALTOR®, I work with loan officers and can direct you to someone who is experienced and professional. Once we understand the financial parameters, my job really begins. I work hard to understand my client's needs and lifestyle so we can find the perfect home.

One of my favorite ways to assist buyers is to ask questions that help define their dream...What is most important their home? I take this beyond the number of bedrooms and baths or how many garage spaces. I want to know how do they really plan to live. By taking the time to talk with my buyers about their lives and what is important to them, I better understand their needs and wants in a property.  By taking a short, lifestyle inventory, I focus in on what makes up an ideal house. 

Once home buyers have outlined their needs and wants, putting a priority on the NEEDS of course, the list of potential properties can be narrowed down to good potential options. By understanding what my buyers' picture perfect home is, I help them stay focused and avoid wasting time with homes that don't fit the dream. It most cases it's not long before one house will stand out as the "perfect" home to make an offer on.

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