Thursday, June 5, 2014

Minnesota Lakeshore Question: What is a Channel Shoreline?

The Minnesota Lakeshore Question of the Week:

 What is a Channel Shoreline?

The shore of any lake whether located in Minnesota or not, is not going to be a straight line. It will follow the geography of the land defined by the flow of water and water table. Often there are inlets and channels that will lead to other bodies of water. In Minnesota, these can be other lakes or wetland marshy areas.

Owning property with shoreline along a channel can be an affordable option for home buyers who want access to a full recreational lake. Many large lakes will have channels or narrow extensions that lead to other lakes or ponds. Quite often channel shoreline is not ideal for a swimming beach but does allow a short dock or slip for a boat and access to the main lake. Many of these properties offer a view of homes on the opposite shore of the channel but if the goal is affordable use of a full recreational lake, this is can be a great alternative.

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