Thursday, June 5, 2014

Pump Up the Curb Appeal when Selling Your Home in the Summer!

Selling a home in the summer isn't rocket science but with a bit of thought a home can sell quickly and for top dollar. With the nice weather many more buyers are searching for their dream home and not just on the internet. They will drive by homes in the warmer months to check out the neighborhood and what the exterior looks like in person. During the winter about all you can do is hope for a fresh blanket of snow and shovel the sidewalk to jazz up the exterior of a Minnesota home. But in the summer, there is ample opportunity make a statement with curb appeal.

1. CUT GRASS If you home is on the market you have to make sure the lawn is manicured to perfection at all times. In fact, it is a very good idea to make sure all trees and shrubs are trimmed to show of the home too.

2. PAINT the FRONT DOOR There are no excuses for having a dirty, scuffed up front entry with peeling paint. If you want to sell to an FHA buyer, you need to address the peeling paint issue anyway so why not make a great first impression with a freshly painted front door and entry?

3. ADD POPS of COLOR Even if you don't have a green thumb, invest in some bright colorful hanging baskets full of annuals for your front porch. Or put some planters with assorted plants on your front stoop. However, if you think you will be too busy to water the plants, it might be best to get a colorful flag or entry wreath instead. Dead plants in the doorway will be noticed too.

4. SEAL COAT the ASPHALT If the driveway is looking more gray than black, a fresh coat of sealant can make a world of difference.

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