Friday, March 23, 2007

A Very Bright Staging Idea! Compact Florescents Light Dim Areas with ONE Bulb!

Yesterday, I bought several packages of the new compact florescent bulbs for our home. Not necessarily with the altruistic idea to save the planet with a green bulb, although that is definitely and added value. (See CNN’s story: Building a Better Greener Light Bulb.) No, our kitchen ceiling fan has light bulbs that tend to blow out several times a month. The fixture has four sockets and our family has been eating breakfast in the dim light of two or three 60 watt-ers for several years. We had tried the special incandescent bulbs made with better filaments for ceiling fans at 3 times the price but those “special” bulbs didn’t last any longer than the cheap ones.

So yesterday we made the “green” move to a total different bulb and got more than we bargained for! Not only did all four bulbs work…They were BRIGHT! The kitchen was so well lit, that my 13-year-old’s eyes literally started to water. What an incredible difference!

As a real estate agent, this new bulb is revolutionary. I am going to have to talk to my sellers about the benefits of using these new bulbs as a way to brighten up some usually dim areas. Yes, the light is a bit harsher and the bulbs are more expensive, but there are definitely positives to these bulbs besides the obviously environmental ones. Here is a list of some of the places that a seller might consider replacing a regular bulb with a compact florescent.
  • Garages—Older garages tend to have only one bulb and it can be accidentally left on during showings. A compact florescent will last much longer if left on accidentally. And will brighten up the dim garage. Also consider replacing that bulb on the garage door opener that is cumbersome to replace and gives minimal light.

  • Front porches—What Realtor wouldn’t appreciate a bit more light when retrieving the key and unlocking a front door? This also tends to be a light that gets left on, until it burns out, following showings.
  • Basements—Like older garages, many older and unfinished basements have only one or two bulbs to light large areas. Brighter bulbs are a good investment for all of the basement sockets.
  • Stairwells—Everyone appreciates better lighting as they go up and downstairs in unfamiliar homes.

  • Closets—That one small bulb can really light up a small area so that the buyers can see the space and potential.
If your home is on the market, walk around and flip those switches to assess your dim areas. With a few compact fluorescents, you can quickly and affectively brighten up your home prior to your next showing!
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