Saturday, June 30, 2007

Hello Hollywood? I ‘m Ready for the Screen Test when you cast a Real Realtor ®!

Writers for the silver screen L-O-V-E real estate agents…How could they not? Real estate agents have flexible schedules, make tons of money, and are down right funny! We drive fancy cars and have radar to find new business across a crowded room. Every audience member knows a Realtor® and there are few who will step up to defend the industry.

Well Hollywood, today is the day that I am standing up to offer my services for your next big production when you need a real Realtor ® for a role.

Take One—Cut! Cut! Sorry, I can’t drive up in a Lexus. No. Not every agent is making the dollars to afford to drive a status car, wear an Italian suit and carry a Blackberry. I know. I know the real-estate-agent-mom in Disturbia had all of those cool toys but the average real Realtor ® cannot afford them all.

Take Two—Cut! Cut! No I can’t leave home at the drop of a hat to be a super hero. I have a listing appointment at 10 a.m. in Ham Lake, MN and the seller wants the information in the MLS today. And from 4-7 p.m., I will be showing homes all over Anoka County to my first time buyers who cannot be rescheduled. I realize that the parents in Sky High were able to drop all of their business on an assistant and save the world but a real Realtor ® wouldn’t have a business if the assistant did it all.

Take Three
—Cut! Cut! Sorry, guys! A Realtor® does do many things to help a client but I am not cleaning anyone’s home prior to an open house in a slip, suit or coverall. I realize the female lead in American Beauty came to her listing armed with flags, signs and cleaning supplies to get ready for the open house. But, a real Realtor ®’s job is to professionally sell the house, not clean it. Call a Merrymaid for that job please.

Take Four—Cut! Cut! Again I have to apologize but although I would be happy to stop at a restaurant or bar to celebrate a closing with a new buyer, most buyers would rather head to their new home and start unpacking. I know Eddie Murphy was able to pick up a great new client while toasting his success in The Haunted Mansion. But a real Realtor ® wouldn’t be so callous as to blow off a celebration with one client to start a conversation with the next.

Take Five—Cut! Cut! Wait a second! No agent is going to sell a home and be the code inspector and midwife to boot! I realize it was a funny scenario in Are We Done Yet? But no one really believed that the guy from Scrubs was a real Realtor ®. As a Realtor®, you have fiduciary duties to your client. Reasonable care and disclosure cannot be overlooked for the sake of comedy.

OK! Okay, let’s save sometime here…No, I don’t pick through garbage dumps to find object d’art to stage a home like Peggy Hill, wife and mother on King of the Hill. Find a professional stager to do the job right!

Remember that Desperate Housewife that used homes on the market for romantic rendezvous’? That does NOT happen!
And though there are many agents, like Eve Adams in Evan Almighty, who will want a family to pose with the “SOLD” sign, they won’t push the children out of the way for the visibility of their name, face or logo…Come heck or high water!

Here is what a Real Professional Realtor ® will provide to a client:

  • Realtors pledge to protect and promote the interests of their client.

  • Realtors do not mislead on property value.

  • Realtors preserve the confidential information of their clients.

  • Realtors must disclose material defects and facts on properties.

  • Realtors must not discriminate.

  • Realtors must disclose dual agency.

  • Realtors are required to be accountable for funds.

  • Realtors must disclose accepted offers.

  • Realtors are required to provide competent service.

  • Realtors are not lawyers and cannot offer legal advice.
I list houses for sale. I help people find homes. I write contracts. I negotiate. I market and sell homes. I show houses. Period.
What?? You say that is BORING! Being a Professional Realtor® is boring?
So why do you continue to characterize our profession in these crazy roles?
Let’s make a movie or television show portraying what Realtors® really do and who we really are!
Hello, Hollywood? Hello? Hmmm…Seems they hung up.
Oh, I get it: Don’t call us…we’ll call you!
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Copyright 2007 Teri Eckholm